About us

Ferguson & Menzies Ltd is an independent Scottish company based in Glasgow for over 100 years. The company is proud to be the only manufacturer of lubricants and construction products in Scotland.

Opus Lubricants a range of Synthetic and Mineral based Lubricants 

We manufacture a comprehensive range of synthetic and mineral based lubricants under the brand name Opus Lubricants. They are designed for use in automotive, agricultural, haulage, plant hire and engineering industries. These oils are formulated to meet the latest European and US specifications.

Our Range of Opus Construction Products

In 2008 we began manufacturing our Opus Construction range of products, representing the latest Technology Concrete Products for both Precast and Site Applications. Only top quality base materials and additives are used and wherever possible these include sustainable raw materials, compliant to Concrete Industry Standards. Ferguson & Menzies Ltd are able to support technically the product range, advice on application methods and problem solve any aspect of surface finish related to concrete.

Supplying and Distributing Products from our Chemical Range

Ferguson & Menzies Ltd for many years has been one of the foremost suppliers of Pine Oil in the UK, selling Pine Oils and Terpenes to formulators of household and industrial cleaning products. From the Terpene family we also supply Terpineol, Dipentene and Terpinolene and supply and distribute the following products from our chemical range: Distilled Tall Oil 25/30, Tall Oil Fatty Acid 2%, Resin Dispersions & Resin Solutions.

Main Distributor in Scotland for GreenChem AdBlue

Ferguson & Menzies Ltd is the main distributor in Scotland for GreenChem AdBlue offering different pack sizes including bulk and a range of AdBlue related equipment.

GreenChem is a European producer and supplier of AdBlue, the solution that is needed for the new trucks of practically all heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers. With the use of AdBlue, the emission standards Euro 4 and Euro 5 will be met. In addition, GreenChem has developed a quality system in order to maintain the quality of the product throughout the entire logistic chain, with the filling systems designed also to maintain AdBlue’s high quality.

In April 2010 Ferguson & Menzies Ltd were pleased to become GreenChem’s sole manufacturer for AdBlue: our two 132000 litre tanks, one for blending and one for storage, are the largest thermoplastic tanks in Europe.

We produce GreenChem AdBlue according to the strict DIN 70 070 specification which is prescribed by the heavy duty vehicle manufacturers.

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