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Engine Oils

Our petrol & diesel engine oils are manufactured from high quality base oils and additives which are ideal for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy duty diesel engines. 

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Hydraulic Fluids

We supply a wide range of hydraulic fluids which are suitable for all hydraulic systems including agricultural, construction and industrial machinery, brakes, steering and transmission systems.

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Tractor Oils

Our multipurpose tractor oils are manufactured and designed to meet all mechanical component (‘wet’ brakes, hydraulics, gears and transmissions) requirements of manufacturers such as MF, Allison and Ford.

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Industrial Gear Oils

Our range of synthetic and mineral-based industrial gear oils are suitable for use with a wide range of hydraulic machines such as those used in the industrial and agricultural sectors.

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Ferguson & Menzies Ltd

  • Ferguson & Menzies Ltd is an independent Scottish company based in Glasgow for over 100 years. The company is proud to be the only manufacturer of lubricants and construction products in Scotland.

  • Opus Lubricants

    We manufacture a comprehensive range of synthetic and mineral based lubricants under the brand name Opus Lubricants. Our products have a huge range of applications. We are also flexible enough to offer products for individual and specific requirements.